Inspiring Israel Tours - טיולי השראה בארץ
Dear Betsalel,
After the talk you gave at the poetess Rachel’s grave, when I actually wiped a few tears from my eyes, I turned to Jenna and asked, “You realize how incredibly lucky you are, don’t you?”  “I told you, Mom,” she said, “I told you.”  I’m sure many parents have sung your praises before.  When someone has a gift for teaching and guiding as you do, it communicates itself very quickly to others.  I can only thank you for choosing to use your incredible passion, knowledge and dedication to teach my child.  As many of the parents discussed on that trip, you could certainly lecture at many different levels, and in huge lecture halls if you wished.  Yet you have been giving the benefit of your talents to this program.  Maybe it’s because you realize how profoundly this trip will affect these kids, and you will be an unforgettable part of that process.  Whatever your reasons, it is our good fortune to have crossed paths with you.  Thank you for the incredible job you’ve been doing.  Your intellectual generosity with the students was matched only by your patience and good humor.  In being assigned to your group, Jenna was one lucky, lucky kid.
Warm regards, Cynthia and Marc S, Connecticut

Shalom Betsalel,
Thank you for showing me the beauty of Israel, and for opening up my eyes to the beauty of life in general. You truly inspired me with all of your knowledge and insight.  There's no way I would understand Israel like I do now without your challenging us to think and re-examine what we "knew".  You have no idea how much of an affect you had on me – my spiritual connection, religious connection, Israel connection – everything.  Thank you for sparking the interest in me to find meaning in my Jewish life! You made my trip – Please continue to spread your passion to both youth and adult, we need inspiring, caring people like you leading groups in Israel. 
Rachel T, New York

Dear Betsalel,

As educators, we know that the hardest people to educate are educators themselves – we think we know it all!  But with our group – I have never experienced anything like it.  For me personally, you truly changed the way I approach everything in life, and education specifically.  I have never seen so much passion for something, I had no idea that existed until now.  We all can get the knowlege, in today's day and age Wikipedia and Google are an educators friend - but it is not WHAT you teach, but HOW you teach it, and you exemplify this.  Where I work people educate and teach because it is a job, to make a living; for you this is your life, soul and essence, and it comes out in everything you do.   It truly inspires me, I yearn to inspire someone like you have done to me.  Thank you for being the kind of educator you are, and for inspiring me to aspire to educate with the same passion that you have for everything.  I only hope I can do it!
Yours truly,
Mark R, New York

(emailed from Lee G (Tour Guide), to Dr. Joe Freedman (Director of Ramah Programs in Israel and also Tour Guide) )

…I like to listen to other guides. If I can pick up one sentence, one phrase that can make my pitch more interesting it's a bonus.…today, at the Tayelet, we heard a fellow named Betsalel speaking to a Ramah group. He was informative, dynamic, rich of expression, humorous, topical, everything you want a guide to be. A+.  In 20 minutes I picked up technique, information and a love for our country and our people. He recharged my batteries. I wanted to pass this on to someone at Ramah to let them know what I'm sure they already must know. They've got a winner.
All the best, Lee

Shalom Chaver Betsalel,
Do you have any idea what you have done for me and for our group?  I think you have an idea, but you have no concept of the depth. Your guiding was not only engaging and insightful, but your immense passion and love for Israel couldn’t help but spread – infectiously – from you to our entire group, and everything you did with us enhanced out love for the land.  You somehow managed to make everything look natural and effortless with your calm, easygoing approach.  Not only were you an encyclopedia of facts, statistics etc., but you have a style that sets you apart from any other guide I have heard.  The information is only half the guide's responsibility; the other half is making it interesting and meaningful, and this you have mastered.  You always had a message to get across, and always got it across in such a clear, powerful, moving way.  You were always able to set the mood, earn interest from the group, bring things round in a full circle, and impart lasting messages that have profoundly affected me.  You have inspired everyone to have incredible, enlightening, life-changing revelations and thoughts, and this while developing a personal relationship with everyone in our group – I guarantee that each of us feels close to you – you simply make us feel that way!  It has been a pleasure getting to know you – keep on inspiring and doing what you do.  
Adam W, Toronto

Shalom Betsalel
This was my first time in Israel, and I could not have been luckier than to have you as my tour guide.  You were amazing and I value everything you said.  I loved your passion for what you do.  You have the ability to capture my attention when my mind normally wanders - no words are enough to thank you for leading us on this unbelievable experience.  Thank you so much for making this time in Israel so meaningful, and for always doing it differently - be it with music, pictures, acting or interactive participation. You have no idea how much this has changed me – I have no doubt that in years to come I will look back at this time as a turning point in my life.
Ariel H, Chicago

Dear Betsalel,

I cannot begin to express to you how you have changed me.  Every story, every hike, every insight – I am leaving having learnt so much, feeling closer than I could have dreamed of to my friends, my country, myself.  I never would have thought that I would meet someone whom I cannot wait for them to talk – everything you say is legitimate, real, and delivered with such feeling.  Thank you for all you have done for me, and for opening up doors I never knew existed. How incredible is it that in doing something you love, you have taught me to love it too, simply by observing you in action…
With much admiration,
Ryan B, Florida

It is hard to express what I feel about having experienced your guiding and teaching.  Your passion, and more importantly your ability to express that passion in the form of words, is a rare gift, and so much more important than the endless knowledge that seemed to come out of you – you must continue to educate others! Although I have been here many times, I got to a point when – unbelievably – I was looking forward to returning to places I had been to just to hear your take on them! It is incredible how you make any subject come alive – thank you thank you thank you!  
Ben L, London

Dear Betsalel

The contents of this letter hardly being to express the unbelievable amount of respect, love and appreciation for you that our group holds.  If we are the blood and flesh of the group, then you are the spine, the heart, the soul...You are without a shadow of a doubt the most intelligent, thought-provoking, spiritual, and inspirational guide, leader and friend any of us have ever met...You have changed Israel for all of us forever. 
Kvutzat Senesh 2004, Ramah Seminar