Inspiring Israel Tours - טיולי השראה בארץ

Be Inspired by Israel

By the Southern wall steps to the Second Temple

I truly believe that every visitor to Israel should have the opportunity to allow this land and its treasures to affect them as it does me.

I connect in a personal way to the history of the peoples who have inhabited this land; I want to share that and enable you to connect as well. 

I like going to places where major events in history happened, putting the events in context and placing my tour group in the shoes of the biblical or historical personalities, to deal with their dilemmas and face their challenges.

I love hiking, climbing and exploring every mountain, stream, valley and rock in our wonderful country. 

I thrive on being part of nature; there is no replacement for being at the top of a mountain or overlooking the barren desert where our ancestors walked; words become superfluous.  

Of course, if we don’t experience the real Israel of today, the hustle and bustle of the cities, marketplaces, boardwalks, and stores, then we may forget that Israel is a living, breathing country full of real people, as well as my home.

As your guide, I will work with you to create a trip tailored to your specific tastes, and needs. Whatever your interests are – be it the history of the land, walking in the footprints of the biblical characters, examining the complex political landscape that is manifest in today's headlines, learning about the issues influencing the peace negotiations,  going off the beaten path, outdoor adventure, family fun – I want to make this trip memorable for you, and inspirational!