Inspiring Israel Tours - טיולי השראה בארץ

Israel - Where our Past is our Future

Israel can be, quite simply, inspirational and life-changing. This incredible country, in its many guises over the past four thousand years, has held and continues to hold the fascination and attention of millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims.  

Israel is the place where the moving and meaningful story of humanity in search of its destiny is told – and every rock, site, hilltop, house and stream contributes to that immortal story.  

When I am guiding, I see myself as the storyteller of that search - the conduit for the land and its elements to impart their meaning and their depth.  

On these hills walked the biblical personalitles, the leaders and the visionaries of history; on this ground armies marched, battles were fought, civilizations rose and religions flowered.

It is here that countless tears flow, prayers are uttered and dreams are fulfilled.
Sunset over the Arbel Mountain and Kinneret
This is the place where history was made and continues to be made.
This is the place where people come to be inspired.
Allow me to help you be inspired as well…